Through Hip Prostheses

Through hip prosthesis2

Hip Disarticulations Prosthetics

Through Hip Prostheses / Hip Disarticulations with the Helix3D Hip Joint System manufactured by Otto Bock

The Helix3D Hip Joint System is suitable for hip disarticulation and hemipelvectomy patients.  It offers patients maximum security and function for a wide range of everyday activities.  This hip joint’s three-dimensional movement contributes to a more natural gait cycle for the user.


7E10 | Helix3D Hip Joint System

7E10 | Helix3D Hip Joint System

• Produces a three-dimensional hip movement to compensate for pelvic rotation and promotes a symmetrical and natural gait pattern. • Allows for leg length reduction during the swing phase. This helps reduce the risk of falling and increases security. • Improves sitting posture and reduces pelvic obliquity to a minimum. • The 7E10's large flexion angle makes it easier to accomplish activities of daily living, such as putting on shoes or getting into a car up to 220 lbs/100 kg weight.

Helix3D Sets a New Fitting Standard 

The Helix3D Hip Joint System is suitable for hip disarticulation and hemipelvectomy patients. Recommended according to the Otto Bock MOBIS Mobility System for patients with Mobility Grades 2 and 3* (restricted outdoor walkers, unrestricted outdoor walkers). Maximum weight: 220 lbs/100 kg.


  • It is noticeably easier to initiate swing phase with the hip joint’s integrated expansion springs. Energy stored during the stance phase is used during the swing phase initiation to compensate for the missing hip muscles and to reduce the amount of energy needed for walking.
  • Controls the three-dimensional movement of the hip joint during walking that closely resembles the normal hip movement in the sound leg.
  • Allows for a dampened, controlled heel strike in the stance phase with significantly reduced hyperlordosis as well as a natural hip joint extension. Therefore, the user can accomplish a more controlled, smooth roll-over on the prosthesis under full load. Allows for an individual stride length setting, which controls the pendulum motion in the swing phase.

Helix3D  Systematic Fitting

When choosing components for a complete prosthesis, the practitioner must choose a knee joint that provides:


  • absolute stability and reliability at heel strike,
  • stance extension damping, and
  • swing flexion damping. 


Otto Bock requires that the Helix3D Hip Joint may only be combined with the C-Leg® or Genium® and the prosthetic feet specified for use with the those knees and other components specified in the Instructions for Use. The Helix3D Hip’s functions are specifically adapted to the characteristics of selected Otto Bock components. This gives the user the greatest amount of security and the advantages of each component.

helix 3d through knee prosthesis


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